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Tips To Sell a Home:


By choosing a careful demographic selection of the most likely buyer for the house you are trying to sell, you will have the best success if you apply a Target Direct Marketing Campaign using Facebook.

While there is no magic pill to find the right buyer for your house,  with a little luck and a solid plan, you can help refine your approach and get more out of your marketing dollars.

selling homes

Defining Your Target Market

This is probably the most critical aspect and decision you must make if you want your plan to work.

What criteria should you use when defining the right buyer for your house? 

I always like using geographic, economic and social criteria to narrow down that potential buyer for the house. This is an area where marketing dollars are spent wisely and directly vs a broad push to the public, via traditional campaigns …where 99% of them does not display any interest or have any direct appeal for the house I’m selling.

“Defining a target market can be a key to success for those who sell a property right away versus a listing that sits stale waiting for someone to finally notice it.”

You can become aggressive and  do this yourself if you are selling on your own,

or find a good Realtor® that has the right marketing plan to do it for you

This is how:


Target marketing a house to sell requires planning, patience and being strategic on your approach.

 house sale expired solution

Ready To sell your house? Take the first step here


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Selling Your Home in Clarksburg? When Cheap is Expensive

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When Selling Your House. . .



Nothing is cheap or expensive by itself, but when you compare to something else..based on tangible results.


People always base their perceived values on reference points, and those references points are based on what brings you more money at the end of your transaction.


When selling your home, your intent should not be to 


Your intent should be  “What is the best value for me?


“It does pay to align pricing with your intended purpose”

There are home sellers that are stuck in saving a commission no matter what…even if we can prove them that our method of selling will bring them more money at the closing table..


Being a closed minded consumer in this case is VERY EXPENSIVE


Our unique value proposition is built around being “hassle-free, simple while extracting the last penny of your equity”




Selling your Home? 

Please visit us : www.ReallyNiceHomes.com/selling 


Selling Your Home? When Cheap is Expensive

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The Other Listing Agent Told Me That They Could List My House For Less

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The other listing agent told me that they could list my house for less…why should I pay you more?


The question got me thinking…that was a fair question I received from a consumer facing many choices out there..why should they hire me to list their home at my price when there are hundreds at a lower price?

So I prepared this for her…

Dear Home Seller:

There is a difference when someone who wants to “LIST” a property or someone who wants to ‘SELL” a property.

There is a difference between being a “customer” or being a “client”

There is a difference between being paid up front for your needs and not caring if you were successful or not..

or someone that will invest money, time, leadership and sacrifice to accomplish your goals and only then…..expect to be paid.

I don’t list properties..

I sell them. .

I will protect my client’s price

I will market their home

I will negotiate the best price for them

I will negotiate the best terms for them

My services are not on a vending machine…

My services are sold only after  I perform, surpass and achieve my client’s goals to the best of their expectations.


“My fees are not an expense…they are an investment for you”


I know agents that can put your home on the MLS for only $95

They are the ones that got their license and soon discovered that. . 

they can’t sell a property on talent..

So they did the best next thing..

They reduced their charges on proportion to the value they bring to you...


My advice is..

If you want to “LIST” it..go for the ninety five dollar one….

but, If you want to “SELL” it….my number is 301-246-0001



listing agent

Selling Services Available for Maryland Here

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Four Types of Buyers That Will Buy Your Home – FSBO HELP [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Four Types of Buyers That Will Buy Your Home in Today’s Market…

To help you differentiate the different types of buyers so you can objectively evaluate proposals from them, we broke all buyers in three qualified groups.

If you goal is is to obtain top dollar for your house  with the best terms from the best buyer in the current market conditions…

You need to be aware at these 4 types of buyers out there.

4 types of Buyers

Watch the video version. . 


The many  steps involved in the home-selling process are very similar to those involved in the home-buying process. When you have made the decision to sell your home, you will need to establish a strong marketing campaign to attract the right buyers.

While a small percentage of  sellers successfully sell their homes on their own, a for-sale-by-owner arrangement can be complicated tedious and will require a great deal more of your personal time throughout the process. 

Times have changed, 

It is not enough to just stick a sign on the ground, a few ads and hope to find a buyer willing to pay you top price for your property.

For this reason, most people consider hiring a real estate agent that devotes 100% of their time looking for buyers for their clients.

Don’t make the mistake in trying to save a commission on one end…and losing 4 to 5 times more  under-selling your property.

“The commission paid to a real estate professional is well worth the investment to assure yourself of 100% coverage of the marketing necessary to get top dollar for your home”


plus the convenience, time savings and overall guidance provided by a professional is well worth the money invested.


If you would like to contact Fernando to discuss how to market your home using the best technological tools available out there…please call 301-246-0001


 The Four Types of Buyers That Will Buy Your Home in Today’s Market…

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How To Sell Your Own Home in Clarksburg Maryland

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How To Sell Your Own Home in Maryland 

FSBO is an abbreviated form of for sale by owner. 
Sometimes it is also known as Fisbo or Fizbo.
Not really sure how and when this was started, but I can assure you that it wasn’t meant as a derogatory term rather than a brief term to describe you.
FSBO are homeowners that want to sell their property without any assistance of real estate agent/company. 

If you’re thinking, “I should sell my house without a realtor,” the current real estate market and explosion of the Internet has made this possible in the last few years but, 
There are danger and expensive consequences id you are not fully informed of all your options

Pricing Your House Tips for FSBO’s

see video below

The decision to sell you house without a RealtorĀ® is one you should make carefully. 
If you’re comfortable with the sales process, going FSBO may be an option to help you save money. .but If you’re not comfortable with the negotiating process, then you may want to consider using a RealtorĀ® that understands the reason why you are choosing this path.

 Before anything else, your first step should be to at least check out what we offer you inside FSBOpluz.com

We understand!

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